Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bring on the Bad Guys: Nick Stone

Real name: Nick Stone
A.K.A.: A criminal 
First Appearance: New York World's Fair Comics I#1 (April 1939)
Abilities: Being dumb enough to try and kill Lois Lane right in front of Superman
Quotes: "No-because you'll never tell them to anyone!"
Worst Act: Jewel theft and attempted murder
Created by: Jerry Sigel (writer) and Joe Shuster(inks/pencils

Back to the World's Fair! Less a story and more an advertisement, this time out Clark Kent and Lois Lane are assigned to cover Tom North's announcing his run for governor at the New York World's Fair.

I get this is supposed to be an ad for the fair, but it does a poor job. First, everyone is nearly killed when their train almost collides with another one. Second, a major exhibit isn't even finished (presumably they were given plenty of time), and lastly major criminals just walk around in the open and kidnap people.

After reading this, I'd be more inclined to stay home, plus the incident with the parachutist nearly dying doesn't speak for the fair's safety record. Stone tries to steals some jewels that on display and kidnaps Lois Lane while he's at it.  

Superman saves the day for everyone, but he did do an awful lot of work for just one assignment.

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