Monday, September 15, 2014

Beware the Batman: Safe

“Safe”. Beware the Batman. Cartoon Network 3 August 2013.

Back again and live blogging a taped show.

-We open with Bruce Wayne talking about something called an ‘ion cortex’. It was invented by Dr. Jason Burr (more on him later)
-The press conference is attacked by ninjas. Wayne gets inside his car and Tatsu is ordered to take care of Burr. She actually does a pretty good job of fighting them, although Batman shows up to make sure she doesn’t kill any of them.
-He also lectures her that there is always a choice. “You can save lives or you can take them”. Because wounding doesn’t exist?
-Burr is a bit of a hugger.
-Silver Monkey (had to look him up) is now contracted to take care of Burr.
-For some reason, Wayne Manor now has a security team. I’m sure this will never come up again.
-Burr is playing with toys and hitting on Tatsu. She is making it pretty clear she wants none of that, although Burr just keeps on talking.
-Batman at Burr’s lab when ninjas attack.
-Tatsu: “If I told you about my past I would have to kill you.”
-Pretty decent chase scene, but I just find it odd how empty Gotham is
-It turns out the security team leader Reese is the Silver Monkey. Huge surprise, but now Burr is kidnapped.
-Or so we think, as it turns out the kidnapper is actually Tatsu
-Batman is still being cashed by ninjas. Wayne Manor is apparently 100 miles from Burr’s lab. And one of the ninjas is named Wilhelm.
-Silver Monkey and Tatsu know each other somehow and I’m betting this is going to be the overall plot arch of the show.
-“The ones that can dodge bullets are always a bother” Alfred with a shotgun should have been a bigger meme
-Tatsu is finally called Katana and it seems that green sword is called the Soul Taker. That can’t be good
-Silver Monkey escapes (pretty clever use of an explosive) and reports to Lady Shiva, who seems to run the League of Assassins.  
-Burr is…somewhat annoying and frankly his love-struck mooning over Tatsu is already growing old.
-a note on our two new characters: Jason Burr was the twin brother of the terrorist cult leader Kobra who felt a psychic connection to him. He’s been dead a few times. Silver Monkey was a Chuck Dixon marital artist from 1995 who got blown up in War Games.
-next time we see the debut of Humpty Dumpty

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beware the Batman: Tests

“Tests”. Beware the Batman. Cartoon Network. 27 July 2013.

And so we start with the third episode and here is where we try something different. It seems the kids today are all about live-blogging, so we’ll give this a shot.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Geek Theories: Why So Funky?

Geek Theories: Why So Funky?

Funky Winkerbean, noted foil of Comics Curmudgeon and Chris Sims, is a comic strip that asks the question-how depressing can one person’s life be? Is it creator Tom Batiuk’s attempt to inject drama into what was once a gag-a-day strip? In story, are the characters victims of an increasingly cruel god? Or is it the fault of one person? Here at Geekademia we ask and purpose the real reason Funky Winkerbean is a never ending hellscape.

Beware the Batman: Secrets

“Secrets”. Beware the Batman. Cartoon Network 20 July 2013.
So, second episode and how does it manage? We’ve already seen the main plots established, but both (Gordon’s dislike of Batman and Katana’s training) move at slower pace this time so as to focus on the villain of this episode…and it’s an interesting take on an obscure foe.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beware the Batman: Hunted

“Hunted.” Beware the Batman. Cartoon Network. 13 July 2013

Batman is one of those characters that fit into nearly every medium. I could spend the next fifty pages describing the character and his influence, but since that is Chris Sims’s bag we’ll focus our attention on the latest Batman show. Beware the Batman hit the airwaves in 2013 to some resistance. The preceding series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, was a very well regarded program and the decision to end it annoyed more than a few fans. So, what was the selling point of the show? Would it be a wholesale re-imagining or a straight adaptation of classic stories? How would CGI compare to the tradition animation?
The chief selling point of the show was what it was lacking. The audience was told at the very start-No Joker, no Catwoman, etc. Understandable, given the iconic nature of the Rogue’s Gallery and the massive shoes left by Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Jeff Bennett, and the like, but the bar was set in a strange place.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Horror Film Countdown 2013, part 26

(forgot about this one, but there will be more later this year)

Halloween (1978), dir. John Carpenter, Compass International Productions

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Animation Block: Fireball XL5

Since we’re putting stuff on the blog again, I felt it was a good time to post a review on a series I recently watched:  FireballXL5. The series was produced in 1962 and ran on NBC in 1963. I always had a long admiration for the works of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, having watched Thunderbirds on TechTV and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons on the Sci-Fi Channel. FireballXL5, however, was utterly unknown to me. After watching the series in its entirety I am now wondering if I was better off not knowing.
Set in the far off year of 2062, the World Space Patrol safeguards Earth and all civilized planets with its XL spaceships. The XL5, captained by Colonel Steve Zodiac (Paul Maxwell) zooms through space with his trusty crew at his side. Dr. Venus (Sylvia Anderson) is second in command and medical officer, while Professor Matthew Matic (David Graham) handles the science and upkeep on Robert the Robot (Gerry Anderson) the robotic co-pilot and occasional radio.