Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bring on the Bad Guys: Big Boy Chaney

Real name: "Big Boy" Chaney
First Appearance: Action Comics I#15 (August 1939)
Abilities: Criminal 
Quotes: "Fabulous treasure, eh?"
Worst Act: Escaping prison 
Created by: Jerry Sigel (writer) and Joe Shuster(inks/pencils)

Funny enough this is mostly a villain for Clark Kent instead of Superman. Kent, doing a story about the Kidtown institution and how it needs money. Coming into a quick fortune (thanks to his powers), Superman decides to raise the rest of the money by doing some treasure hunting.

Pity that local gangster "Big Boy" Chaney overhears this and figures he'll just help himself to whatever treasure Kent finds. Of course, he wasn't expecting Superman...

Not bad, although Chaney is again a bit bland. 

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