Saturday, February 10, 2018

Bring on the Bad Guys: 100% Riley and Mortimer Snoop

Real name: Captain Riley
A.K.A.: 99% Riley
First Appearance: Action Comics I#9 (February 1939)
Abilities: Policeman and goon respectively 
Quotes: "So, you think I'm a windbag eh?"
Worst Act: Trying to expose Superman
Created by: Jerry Sigel (writer) and Joe Shuster/Paul Lauretta(pencils/inks)

Remember the last issue? Yeah, turns out the governor isn't too happy about the whole 'superhuman wrecking my city' so he sends out for 100% Riley, a tough talking cop who never fails and tasks him to do the impossible-bring in Superman!

Snoop enters the picture when he finds a pile of clothes belonging to none other than Clark Kent. Snoop tries to work with the overbearing Riley, but the copper has his own ideas. Mostly cheating Snoop out of the reward he promised. 

Interesting and the first time someone tried to link Clark Kent and Superman, plus the first time he ever fought the police. 

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