Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bring on the Bad Guys: Butch Grogan and Nat Grayson

Real name: Butch Grogan/Nat Grayson
First Appearance: Superman I#2 (September 1939)
Abilities: Thug and engineer 
Quotes: "Die! Die! I've shot you-why won't you die?"
Worst Act: Sabotaging construction projects
Created by: Jerry Sigel (writer) and Joe Shuster/Paul Cassidy(pencils/inks)

Another straight forward yarn. There's been a rash of deaths involved in the construction of the Atlas skyscraper. Thanks to some sleuthing Superman finds the culprit is none other than Butch Grogan, but it turns out Grogan is simply taking orders from Nat Grayson, who's sabotaging his rivals. Bad guys get caught and Clark Kent gets the scoop. 

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