Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Big City: Or Why I Don't Write for a Living

Having only recently discovered the film Streets of Fire, I was quite taken with director Walter Hill's version of a rock and roll fable. You can only imagine my surprise when I read that Hill intended to make a trilogy, but the lackluster profit of the film killed those ideas.

So I thought why not take a crack at it?

We open with Tom Cody (Michael Beck) and McCoy (Amy Madigan) on the road. They've long left the city and are now on the open road, but a blowout sends them crashing into a lone street sign. Sheriff (Fred Ward) arrives, but instead of helping he runs them in "on account of destroying private property".

They're hauled in before the Judge (Powers Boothe) and sentenced to 90 days, hard labor. The Judge can grant them a reduced sentence though...if Cody is agreeable to some work.

Seems the Judge's daughter (Phoebe Cates) has the audacity to love someone he doesn't like, namely the oldest boy of the other power broker in town, Jack Tanga (Sonny Chiba). Cody is to bring her back, alive, and all crimes are forgiven.

Of course things aren't going to be easy. The Judge's other daughter (Joan Jett) is being assigned, just to make sure Cody doesn't try to skip town. Joan doesn't seem to like her sister that much, but she's handy with a gun.

McCoy, meanwhile, manages to escape, shooting her way free and is on the loose. Cody doesn't know that, and the Judge thinks she's with him. So he orders his son Joshua (Clancy Brown) to get his boys together and bring him Cody's head, daughters be damned.

So, Cody is heading into a showdown with one army in front, one behind, and McCoy running into the line of fire.

Pity the armies never met Tom Cody before.

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