Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Nouveau 52, part 7

Main books are out of the way, as are the teens. So why not take a trip to the EDGE?

Stormwatch: Who protected the world after 1985? Stormwatch-Apollo, Midnighter, the Engineer, Jenny Sparks, Jack Hawksmoor-the god of cities, and the winged Swift. More behind the scenes, letting the JLI take all the credit while they do the real work (or so they think). The team officially disbanded New Year's Eve 1999 with the death of Jenny Sparks, but there is a new century baby. Can the team find her before disgraced (and thoroughly insane) leader of Stormwatch Henry Bendix does?

Year 1: The team is called out of retirement, a bit older and hopefully wiser. Who's calling and why can no one find the god of cities?

Grifter: Cole Cash was a lot of things. Solider, mercenary, and all around bum. It's 1985 and all heroes are dead. At least that's what he thinks, until the immortal warrior Zealot finds him and drags him kicking and screaming into her war against the alien Daemonites. Pretty much a flashback series. 

Suicide Squad: Formed in the aftermath of World War II and the disbanding of the JSA, Task Force X was given jobs too dirty for Uncle Sam. They existed off the books and in the shadows until the late 80's. When Stormwatch proved unwilling to answer the call blindly, the Suicide Squad was reactivated.

Year 1: Amanda "the Wall" Waller may not look like much, but she's the toughest paper pusher in DC and she knows where everything's buried. She's put in charge of the Squad and tasked to do the impossible. With convicted killers Deadshot, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang (somewhat older but still deadly), Bronze Tiger, and Rick Flag Jr., can Waller save the day and who will be dead by the end of it?

Blackhawks: Mercenary pilots formed during WW2. While the JSA fought crime in the USA and occasionally overseas, the Blackhawks were on the front lines everyday. They stayed active well into the 1960s, but finally disbanded after Blackhawk shot down  rival pilot Tiger Shark.  

Men of War: There's a lot of stories from the front, and plenty of them from the combat happy joes of Easy Co. Sgt. Rock's the top kick of this motley crew of goldbricks and goof offs, and every month he leads them into the heart of the Axis and beyond. 

Of course, there have been other wars. Take the War of 1812. Lord Shilling is one of his Majesty's top agents in the colonies. Or maybe see Tomahawk during the French and Indian Wars?

All-Star Western: Jonah Hex was the meanest SOB to ever draw a breath or gun. His only companions were death and the smell of gun smoke. He'll track a bounty from Gotham City all the way to Star City if he has to, but he won't like it. 

36 down, 16 to go. 

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