Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Horror Host 2017 Retrospective: Eddie Frame

Real name: Frank Kane
Years active: Late 1980's

A difficult one to classify. As best as I can tell, his show, Horrible Night at the Movies, was aired in Boston, but it seems it was syndicated out of New York. So would he be a Boston host or a syndicated one?

A different character at least, if we go by the opening crawl. It seems young Eddie Frame was your typical square-headed youth growing up in 1950's Eisenhower era America. Utterly typical, save for his love of bad movies. When his best gal dumps him, Eddie revs his motorcycle and drives towards a CGI computer screen, plunging himself through time and space.

From there he hosts the old and the weird with a showgal and a gorilla in a dress. Because you need a gorilla. Also, Commander USA did the writing.

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