Monday, October 2, 2017

Horror Host 2017 Retrospective: Davey Horror

Real name: David A. Parietti
Years active: 1996-2006 (?)

Having finished Maine, I figured we would move south towards New Hampshire, but sadly that state has never had a horror host. So we head west and find Davey Horror, the first and to date only horror host from Vermont.

Airing on Public Access Chanel 15 in Burlington, Davey Horror sat on his ornate throne and hosted thirty minute versions of classic and not so classic films, ranging from the Giant Claw to the Return of Doctor X. The Davey Horror Show certainly looked cool, although the most recent thing I can find was dated 2006. He also did the nearly forgotten art of the spook show (live performances, music, etc.) called Spookarama, although I was unable to find any footage of that.

His main website seems to have gone dark, but a brief archive of his work is included below.

His website

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