Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Horror Countdown 2017: Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991)

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991) dir. Martin Kitrosser, Still Silent Films Inc.

We started with a crazed Santa, moved to the awe and glory that is Garbage Day, then went pagan. How would the Silent Night series follow that up?

Young Derek (William Thorne) can't sleep on a particularly warm December evening. His father (Van Quattro) warns him to go back to bed, but he notices a strange toy sitting on the front step. After sending his son upstairs, he examines the toy, which looks like a red ball. A Santa head pops out. It looks cute, then the head flips around to reveal an evil looking Santa. It then shoots out tentacles. It ends badly for him. 

Two weeks after the funeral, Sarah (Jane Higginson) is struggling to move on, and Derek is a wreck. Desperate to cheer him up, Sarah takes him to a local toy store. The owner, Joe Petto (Mickey Rooney), is an odd fellow. His son Pino (Brain Beemer) is even weirder. Pino tries to give Derek a creepy thing he calls Larry the Larva, but Derek ain't having it or anything else from the store. 

They leave, and Joe goes from kindly old man to mean drunk in about a second, blaming Pino for all their troubles. He goes back to sweet when Noah Adams (Tracy Fraim) enters the shop. He buys a bunch of toys, including Larry. He isn't shopping for family or himself though, as Noah is actually following Sarah and Derek. 

Back at his apartment, Noah is taking the toys apart when his landlord Harold (Gerry Black) wants his rent. Noah gives him Larry in lieu of cash. Harold would have been better waiting for a check, as the toy comes to life in the car and shoves itself through Harold's head. 

The next day Sarah takes Derek to see Santa. Except that it's actually Noah (he's filling in for a friend). Noah manages to outcreep Pino. Speaking of the weirdo, guess who's waiting for Sarah when she gets home? Yup, it seems Pino had a key. Why does he have that? Well, it seems the Petto family used to live in Sarah's house, and they didn't leave voluntarily.

Sarah runs him out, and makes it clear that she'll call the cops if he ever shows up again. Joe agrees totally. He switches back to mean when she leaves, and sends Pino crashing down the stairs. The lad doesn't seem to be moving...

Sarah is visited by her best friend Kim (Neith Hunter), while Derek finds a present he's sure wasn't there before. Derek shows more intelligence than most of the cast when he tosses it outside. Kim's son Lonnie (Conan Yuzna), however, isn't as picky and opens it. Sweet, he finds a pair of roller skates!

Rocket powered roller skates. 

At the hospital, Sarah stays with Kim while Noah attempts to see Derek. The babysitter Meredith (Amy L. Taylor) sends him away, but all he does is go to the hospital where we finally learn why he's been so focused on Sarah and Derek. He's Derek's real father.

But never mind those bollocks cuz here's Joe Petto as Santa. He even has presents for Meredith and her boyfriend Buck (Eric Welch)! Sharp presents, with real shooting action! He also takes Derek with him.

Noah and Sarah head back to the toy store, but what is Joe's secret? Can Sarah save her family?

Well, not the worst I've seen. The big secret is spoiled in the trailer, also the name Joe Petto kind of gives it away. The ending is certainly shocking, I'll give the makers that.

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