Saturday, September 23, 2017

Resident Evil 2, or why I don't write for a living

Given that Resident Evil: Apocalypse was more of the same as the first film, why not do another take on it?

 We open with a recap of the first film. The remaining STARS members have slain the tyrant and are now flying home...except they can't get anyone on the radio. Flying closer, they see the city engulfed in flames.

Remember those hikers and missing rangers? It seems some bodies were found and taken back to the city morgue.

Vickers is freaking out when a surface to air missile hits their rotor and the chopper is soon going down...

The film proper begins roughly a few hours before the first one. Leon Kennedy (Eric Mabius) is a rookie cop, just arriving in town for his first day on the job. He finds things a little odd. The city is utterly quiet. He heads to the stationhouse to report and finds a warzone.

He figures things are getting out of hand when he sees a skinned dog leap through a window and devour a man in front of him. He barricades himself in the stationhouse when he sees a woman on a motorcycle tearing through the zombies outside. She races up the stairs and blocks the door. Doffing her helmet, she introduces herself proper-Claire Redfield (Milla Jovovich). She's looking for her brother Chris, but she can't find him. Leon vows to help her.

They escape the stationhouse as it is overrun with zombies and monsters. They split up, but promise to meet up in two hours. Claire finds a lost girl, Sherry, who's looking for her parents. There's a large fellow hunting her though, and he's very well armed.

The two run into Police Chief Irons (Meatloaf), who's been having a rough time of it. Turns out the RPD has been covering up Umbrella's accidents for a while, but they can't do it they called for the Tyrant (Kane Hodder), who's been ordered to clean up the city. He's torn apart before he can say anymore.

Leon stumbles into Ada (Michelle Yeoh) who claims she's looking for her boyfriend. They encounter a gun toting gal named Annette Birkin (Sharon Stone). She's looking for daughter, but she seems more concerned with the girl's locket than her.

The two groups meet up. Ada reveals she's knows about a secret Umbrella lab in the city, which should have an escape tunnel out. They head towards it, but they run into Annette again. She doesn't care to see Sherry, but is outraged she lost her locket. Why? Because that locket has a sample of the G-Virus, the key to Umbrella's future. Also they injected Sherry with a few embryos so her mutated father (Tyrant) can find her easier.

Massive firefight and Ada gets shot. Claire finds a note from Chris, saving he left with the team and she needs to leave. Sherry's father tracks them down to lab (where they cure Sherry) and Leon and Claire push him into a vat of molten metal. Ada's body disappears.

The entire town is set to explode, so the trio gets on a bullet train and rides it to freedom as the town goes up in a fireball. A shadowy figure holds up the locket and vanishes into the shadows.

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