Friday, August 25, 2017

Chill (2007)

Chill (2007), dir. Serge Rodnunsky, Rojack Films

The 00's were proving to be less than kind to the work of Lovecraft. The Tomb was hot garbage, but surely another yarn based on "Cool Air" would be good or at least acceptable? There actually was an earlier attempt in 2006, directed by Albert Pyun of all people, but seeing as to how that wasn't released until 2013, I think that will keep until the next Summer of Love (craft)

Sam (Thomas Calabro) is your typical struggling writer. He's pretty much working in the crappiest minimart/deli one could hope to find, all under the watchful eye of the owner, Dr. Munoz (Shaun Kurtz). Why would a doctor run a rinky-dink deli in a blasted industrial hellscape? Mind your own business, that's why. 

Sam's life pretty much sucks, but there is a bright spot. Maria (Ashley Laurence) works at the shop nearby, and she's just the bees knees. She likes Sam too, but there's some baggage. This particular baggage is a Dirty Harry wantabe named Detective DeFazio (James Russo). He's been hanging around the area a lot, more than a police detective should. He claims he's working the case of two brutally murdered prostitutes, but he seems to wander in and out of the film at random.

It turns out Dr. Munoz has been keeping secrets from his employee, odd and sinister secrets that threaten the life of everyone that Sam knows (which is like two people, but that is still plenty of threatening). Can Sam expose the doctor's secret and save the day?

Not even worth the effort. Cheap and it appears it was shot on one particular set. Almost a throwback to the worse of the 1980's.

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