Friday, August 11, 2017

Cthulhu (2007)

Cthulhu (2007) dir. Daniel Gildark, Arkham Northwest Productions/Cascadia Film Collective

The Call of Cthulhu set the bar pretty high, but there is always room for improvement, so why not another take on the story set in modern time? Well...

Russell Marsh (Jason Cottle) is a history professor and seems like a nice if boring fellow. Things change when his sister Dannie (Cara Buono) informs him that their mother has died and Russell must return home to go over the estate.

Heading to the quaint and rather isolated town of his youth, Russell is reunited with his oldest friend Mike (Scott Green) and his old and not friendly at all father, the Reverend Marsh (Dennis Kleinsmith). The reunion with Mike is pleasant enough, but his father is another story. One gets the impression that nothing Russell has done in his entire life has pleased his father or the rather odd church he leads. The Order of Dagon has a rather large list of the way things must be, and Russell being both a teacher and gay don't fit in either those.

Wandering around the old town, Russell finds a wall in an old warehouse filled with hundreds of names. Waking up his hotel room later, Russell finds a stone club with the word 'Dagon' scribbled on it. The town drunk tells him that something is sinister is about to unfold, something that involves him and his whole family...

I suppose my biggest problem is the title, because what I described? Shadow over Innsmouth through and through. Why use the name Cthulhu if you aren't even going to have the character? Stick with the silent version if you want a proper Cthulhu tale and Dagon if you want a better version of Innsmouth.

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