Sunday, July 16, 2017

George Romero

Not much I can add about this. George Romero was a director I've had some regard for. His films were workman like, but I always thought they were generally well made.

His contributions to horror (and cinema) can't be overlooked. He took zombies from cursed souls to the flesh eating ghouls we know and love today. He did plenty of other films, but his Dead series would probably what he's best know for, and what would inspire thousands of homages and straight up rip-offs.

Personally I always liked how smart his films were. Casting an African American actor in the lead during the 1960's? Pretty darn bold. His zombie films weren't just mindless munchers, they actually had social commentary that was handled rather brilliantly. He made horror films more than half naked teens being killed.

I'd suggest kicking back and watching the Tales of Hoffmann and Day of the Dead.

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