Friday, July 14, 2017

Cthulhu (2000)

Cthulhu (2000) dir. Damien Heffernan, Onara Films

We end the 90's with a surprising entry. "The Call of Cthulhu" was possibly Lovecraft's best known work, but until this point the ancient sleeping old one had never been seen on film before. Would this attempt be a success?

Dan Upton (Adam Somes) dies in a prison cell, a hastily scribbled note in his hand. Why did he do it, and what led him to being in jail? The note explains...

Dan has some concerns about his best friend Edward Derby (James Payne). Edward was only recently released from Arkham Asylum, but Edward swears he's cured. Not only that, but he's in love! Yes, in love with Asenath Waite (Melissa Georgiou)...who seems just a bit off. Edward being convinced that she's taking over his body while he sleeps doesn't ease Dan's concerns.

Plus the fact that there seems to be a rash of bloody murders around town also doesn't help. Inspector LeGrasse (Paul Douglas) is on the case though, and he's figured Edward as the killer. Dan mentions Asenath though, and LeGrasse calls in Professor Armitage (Malcolm Miller) to help, but the trio is too late...

Honestly not that good. There's no attempt to hide the Australia origin and the biggest sticking point-it isn't even based on "the Call of Cthulhu", rather taking more inspiration from "the Thing on the Doorstep". They tried, so I have to give them some points on that, but they didn't even attempt to adapt the story itself. Not worth the effort.

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