Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bring on the Bad Guys: Count Grutt

Real name: Elias Turg
A.K.A.: Count Grutt
First Appearance: Detective Comics I#37(March 1940)
Abilities: Spy
Weapons: Knives
Quotes: "Yes! But You'll never live to tell anyone about it!"
Worst Act: Leading a spy ring
Created by: Bill Finger (writer) and Bob Kane (artist-credited), Jerry Robinson(pencils/inks)

After Hugo Strange, surely the follow up villain would prove to be a challenge, right?

Not really, no. Honestly the villain really does show up until the end. Until then, Batman has more trouble from a guy named Joey. Joey is being tortured by a gang of thugs when the Batman intervenes...and is knocked out for his help.

Turns out the gang leader Turg is actually passing himself off as the Count Grutt and they are in the ploy of a foreign power. Grutt tries to kill the Batman, but only succeeds in stabbing himself in the neck.

The next issue would feature the debut of someone a bit better received than the Count.

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