Monday, February 27, 2017

Bring on the Bad Guys: Blackbeard

Real name: Thatch
First Appearance: Batman I#4 (Winter 1940)
Abilities: Pirate captain
Weapons: guns, saber
Quotes: "Ho-ho What a prize catch this is!"
Worst Act: Piracy
Created by: Bill Finger (writer) and Bob Kane (artist-credited), Jerry Robinson/George Roussos(inks)

A fairly weak character and story. A pirate shows up and attacks a yacht, robbing the people and holding them hostage. Batman and Robin show up, they fight, and Blackbeard is exposed as a run of the mill gangster.

Which begs the question of why go to all the trouble? He and his men are dressed as your stereotypical pirates (cutlasses and all), but he makes no effort to pass himself as the legendary Blackbeard. If his goal was pure robbery, why bother with the dress up?

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