Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bring on the Bad Guys: Clubfoot

Real name: Ward
A.K.A.: none
First Appearance: Batman I#2 (Summer 1940)
Abilities:  Just a normal murder
Weapons: Fake hook hand
Quotes: "Where are your smart quips now boy?"
Worst Act: Murder
Created by: Bill Finger (writer) and Bob Kane (artist-credited), Jerry Robinson/George Roussos(inks)

Now here we move back into the traditional murder mystery. The story kicks in when Harley Storme is murdered by a clubfooted man with a hook in lieu of a hand. The victim's will is read and that's when the other killings begin in earnest. Can Batman and Robin solve the case?

Pretty good, and the mystery actually plays pretty fair (if simple as there are only so many suspects).

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