Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nouveau 52, part 9

Kicking off  the new year, let's move into the Dark, with a few detours along the way.

First, a series that I forgot to mention:

Black Lightning-in the 1970's, Jefferson Pierce served as the number one hero in Metropolis. As Black Lightning, he fought the gang lord Tobias Whale and the 100, but as people tend to do he aged and settled down.

Now the mantle is taken up by his daughters. Anissa, better known as Thunder, and Jennifer, AKA Lightning, are looking to go into the family business.

Now, the Dark...honestly I never cared for that title. Why not keep it as Vertigo?

Swamp Thing- Dr. Alec Holland and his wife Linda are working on a formula that could change the world. Anton Arcane thinks so too, which is why he wants it. he sends his men to secure the formula, but Linda dies and Alec is sent burning into the swamp. What comes out is more muck encrusted mockery of a man than a human.

From there Swamp Thing would focus more on the mystic side of things. I'm at a loss as to who I'd entrust to handle the character, as I keep going back to Alan Moore.

Hellblazer-John Constantine is a bastard, from a long line of bastards. He is the trickster, the con job, and the worst friend you could ever meet. But if you need a sorcerer and you're out of options, he'll do.

Resurrection Man-Mitch Shelly has a problem. He keeps dying and coming back to life. Someone wants to put a stop to that, however, and is mobilizing an army to do so. Can Shelly figure things out before he dies for real?

Demon Knights-The Medieval period wasn't the nicest stretch of time in human history. Camelot has fallen, demons and other horrors roam the night and day. Madame Xanadu has a plan though, and it involves the demon Etrigan, immortal warrior Vandal Savage, Amazon Extoristos, the Shinning Knight, and scientist Al Jabr. Can they stop the hell that is coming?

Trenchcoat Brigade-Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Occult, and Mr. E may not like each other (truth is they can barely stand to be in the same zip code as the others), but when there is a problem that Constantine can't handle, he needs the best.

House of Mystery-Come in! Your friendly narrator Cain has such stories to tell. Tales of comedy, death, horror, and all sort of things in between. A straight anthology with a rotating cast and creators.

House of Secrets-Similar, but while mysteries can be shared, secrets should be kept, right? At least that's what Able thinks, isn't that right Goldie? Of course, no one's seen old Able for a while, and houses can start to act a bit funny if there's no one there. Cain would love to search, really, but that's what Dr. 13 is for. The good doctor thinks he's been hired to prove this house isn't haunted. All he's found is a bunch of silly horror books, but his daughter Traci isn't so sure about that...

44 down, 8 to go

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