Friday, January 20, 2017

Raven Squad: Green


File name: Sumi Pieck
Rank: Head of Science Division
Birthplace: East Berlin, East Germany
Primary Specialty: Scientific Advancement
Secondary Specialty: Medic

Father high ranking officer in East German political party. Mother unknown, rumored to be either various mad scientists or spies. Right arm lost in lab accident, replaced with cybernetic one. Arm capable of exerting 3700 pounds per square inch of force. Legs voluntarily amputated and replaced with genetically engineered arms. "I can work at four stations at once, why wouldn't I do that?

Developed her own fighting style to use her three arms. Cyborg arm has various weapons hidden, including shotgun, grappling hook, flame thrower, and darts.

For science, nothing is impossible. For some, a phrase, but for Green a way of life. Spends 16 hours a day coming up with impossible designs. Spends seven hours making them come true. Designs all the planes used by the Raven Squad, also all their equipment. Plus genetically blasphemous creatures that prowl the Squad's base. Because she can, that's why. Would have been fired some time ago, but no one dares interrupt her during science time-which is all the time.

Art by Sam Flegal

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