Saturday, January 21, 2017

Raven Squad: Black


File name: Edward Teach
Rank: Captain, Queen Anne's Revenge II
Birthplace: Bristol, England
Primary Specialty: Pirate
Secondary Specialty: Pirate

Former pirate, resurrected via means unknown. Head attached to neck via steel bolts and harness. Captains the Queen Anne's Revenge II, the massive airship the Raven Squad calls their home away from home.

One of the meanest and most cunning pirates ever to sail the Atlantic. Still in the habit of shooting lower officers in the knee, mostly so they don't forget who he is. How the Squad came to hire him is unknown, but even Red is wary in her dealings with him. The man could barely be trusted in life. Death has made him worse.

He'll bring the full eighty cannons against any target, even if he doesn't have to. He'll strip a ship clean of anything. It took a while to convince him to stop stealing sugar cane and molasses, but every now and then he'll fire off some pirate lingo over the intercom. Is to be avoided at all costs on Talk like a Pirate Day.

Art by Sam Flegal

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