Saturday, November 5, 2016

Highlander 2, or why I don't write for a living

I'm sure if you've been online for a bit you've seen or read a review of Highlander 2: The Quickening.

So, assuming I could travel back to the late 80's and get a job as a screenwriter, here's my take on the sequel that shouldn't have been.

2024, the world is more or less running along. Russell Nash (Christopher Lambert) is an old man now, his wife Brenda (Roxane Hart) having passed away some time ago. Since winning the Game, Nash has used his Prize to push humanity into the right direction. Nothing radical (he can't force people to change, but he can suggest things), but things look to be going alright. All the former Immortal wants to do now is wait for his time to be up.

That's when the aliens invade.

A spaceship crashes into New York Harbor. Two figures, both humanoid, fly out on strange metal disks. Gunfire doesn't kill them and the people are freaking out.

The aliens make a beeline towards Nash. He's a senior citizen now, but one doesn't easily forget nearly five hundred years of experience. He manages to dispatch the pair and finds himself young again. With their Quickening though Nash learns things.

The aliens came from the planet Zeist. The ruler of the planet, General K'atana (Michael Ironside) is the Immortal ruler of the planet. He sent those two mostly to test his space ship's capabilities (it took a few dozen years to reach Earth) and declare himself the One of Zeist.

Figuring he's rather go (and not risk starting the Game up again on Earth), the newly reborn Connor MacLeod manages to steal the ship, fix it up, and blasts off for space.

When he gets to Zeist, he finds the place a utter ruin. K'atana decided some time ago not to follow any of those rules the other Immortals follow. Zeist's being a blasted hellscape is the end result. Not that he cares. Now that he knows for sure there is life on other planets he can travel, conquer, and fight in the Game forever. MacLeod isn't having that and thus the stage is set for the ultimate showdown.

I'd bring Ramirez (Sean Connery) back too, but as a ghost. When MacLeod beheads the first alien, he gets the powers too, including the ability to summon shades (or ghosts; basically all the past knowledge of one particular Immortal). I'd also being back the Kurgan (Clancy Brown) in the same manner. K'atana ends up ripping the Kurgan's Quickening out of MacLeod and use the Immortal's knowledge for himself. Sort of a four way fight with two people.

In the end, MacLeod wins and is left with a new challenge. Does he stay on Zeist and rule or travel the stars in search of new life and adventure?

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