Monday, November 13, 2017

Nouveau 52, part 2

Ok, Superman is more or less out of the way for the First Wave. How about the Dark Knight?

Detective Comics-Similar to Action Comics, this would focus on the other heroes of Gotham, specifically Lt. Gordon of the GCPD as he tries to handle the crimes of the outside and the corruption on the inside. He's aided by DA Harvey Dent, Det. Harvey Bullock, and Officer Rene Montoya. Dent's a crusader, Bullock is pretty much the old dog (and placed there to keep an eye on Gordon, but he comes around) and Montoya's a rookie.

Year Two-Gordon is now Commissioner and cleaning up the police. The 5 Families that once ruled Gotham are now broken, but with the newly created vacuum there is now super villains running amuck.

Batman-The Caped Crusader. Again, we know the origin (Bruce Wayne, orphaned, becomes the night, etc.) but each year would be a bit different.

Year One-Batman, Gordon, and Dent are fighting against the crime and corruption. Batman takes on Dick Grayson as Robin when Dent is scarred by acid. The villains are mostly the crime families (Falcone, Moroni, etc.)

Year Two-Grayson leaves. Dent becomes Two-Face. Batman finds a street punk leaving the Batmobile on blocks and takes him home. Thus, Jason Todd becomes Robin. Villains are now running rampant (Joker, Riddler, etc.) and Batman is having to change his methods to fight them.

Year Three-Todd is beaten badly by the Joker and sent away. Tim Drake figures out Batman's identity and becomes the third Robin. Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim brings Intergang to Gotham, but he's using more and more advanced tech. Batman puts out the call to other heroes. They've entered the 5th World.

Catwoman-Pretty much Leverage with more cat suits. Selina Kyle is a thief, and a darn good one. When she sees a bat shaped man beat the hell out of cops shaking down the working girls in her neighborhood, she gets an idea...

Year One-pretty much Catwoman ripping off the rich and corrupt. She crosses path with Batman quite a bit. They're not exactly enemies, but not exactly friends either.

Year Two-She doesn't exactly reform, but she works with the Bat more than she fights with him.

Batgirl-the whole thing would start in Year Two. Barbara Gordon, seeing the Batman in person, is inspired by him and the other heroes. Why can't she help?

Year Two-Barbara Gordon is the newly appointed librarian at the Gotham City Library. At night she dons the tights and cowl of Batgirl. We'd be establishing cast and foes this time.

Year Three-Barbara is taken out of action. Maybe the Joker shoots her, maybe just some punk with a gun. She's out of the fight, so who's running around in the black outfit? Meet Cassandra Cain, daughter of assassin David Cain, and someone who wants to turn her life around. Barbara gives her permission and also takes on the mantle of Oracle, the information guru of the DCU. She also runs for Congress and wins.

Year Four-Meet the Spoiler! Stephanie Brown is the Spoiler, also daughter of the third rate crook the Cluemaster. She teams up with Cassandra and is soon brought into the team.

Batman, Inc.-Year Three title. Seeing the damage that Darkseid and his forces did, Batman starts recruiting heroes across the globe. From the Knight and Squire of England to Batwing of South Africa, Batman and his team meet and aide heroes worldwide. Basically a team-up book.

Batwoman- Year Three title. Kathy Kane, newly discharged from the Army, arrives in Gotham to take care of her family estate. Seeing Batman and her distant cousin Bruce Wayne, Kathy gets the idea to join another army.

Birds of Prey-Year Two title. As the newly dubbed Oracle, Barbara decides to put a team together to handle things outside of Gotham. Her main agents are the Black Canary and the Huntress, but the team is flexible to include everyone from teleporting hero wantabe Misfit to a time displaced Lady Blackhawk.

Nightwing-Year Three. Dick Grayson's new identity. Inspired by Superman and wanting to get back in the game, Dick Grayson sets up shop in Bludhaven and sets out to do what he does best.

Harley Quinn-Year Three. Dr. Harley Quinzel is an up and coming psychologist at Arkham Asylum. She tries to get into the Joker's head. Things end badly. With her (and the Joker), I'd draw more from the Batman animated series. The Joker's a killer, yes, but not a god of death with a six digit body count. Someone a person could conceivably follow. Also, Harley commits crimes but she doesn't blow up a city full of kids. She could be redeemed, but probably won't.

13 down, 39 to go

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